AICE Exam Results

Knights Exceed
Putnam County’s Cambridge High School students at Q. I. Roberts Jr. Sr. High School received their AICE exam results today.   QIR students tested back in June, and we are proud to announce that 292 exams were passed, earning college credit for those students.  Q. I. Robert’s students exceeded international pass rates in English Language, Literature and General Paper showing that our students can compete with students all around the world and even surpass them!

Advanced International Certificate of Education is a pre-university program is sponsored by the University of Cambridge International Examinations in England.  The program, offered in more than 9,000 schools in 160 countries, involves a rigorous advanced curriculum intended to prepare students to enter college. AICE students can earn up to 45 hours of college credit.  The program requires students to study subjects in three main advanced curriculum groups: math and science, languages and arts and humanities.  Even Britain’s Prince William and Prince Harry studied the Cambridge curriculum and took AICE exams.

This year Q. I. Roberts will graduate its first class. Approximately 60 seniors are currently candidates for the AICE diploma. 

“The seniors are a highly dedicated group of scholars,” said new principal, Mary Piazza.  “They are focused on their future.  They are beginning to think about graduating at the end of this year and heading to college well prepared.  In fact, they recently voted on a venue for the graduation ceremony and their cap and gown color scheme. They have decided to have royal blue gowns with a silver stole as their graduation ensemble.”